CEO, Engineering Company

“We engaged with John Murphy via The Agile Executive in 2020: since engaging with John, we have had a very positive experience. We developed a 5-year plan which enabled us to raise substantial working capital and since joining as CFO John has been instrumental in improving the financial management within the company. John’s experience and knowledge is very evident, and he drives processes to a conclusion in a very professional and timely manner.”

CEO, Software Outsourcing Company

“The experience with the Agile Executive has been very positive. We engaged with John Murphy in the Summer of 2020 under the EI Business & Finance Planning scheme. John is knowledgeable, professional, and proactive; we agreed to the scope of the project, provided the data needed; John took the ball and ran with it. Having a detailed 5-year financial plan (coupled with a Business Plan) has enabled us to access working capital funding on the EI SEF and Future Growth schemes and have helped us prepare for sustained rapid global expansion.”

CFO, Embedded Software Company

“We engaged with John Murphy of The Agile Executive in 2020 under the Enterprise Ireland Business Financial Planning grant. With the financial plan produced by the exercise we were able to secure working capital from our bank and this was important in helping us to navigate through the worst parts of the Covid-19 crisis. John’s work was carried out in a professional and timely manner and we were very pleased with the outcome.”